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Funds raised from the event each year go directly to support the Children’s Resource Center wing at the library.  The Children’s Resource Center is ranked the No. 1 children’s library in the State of California, and ranks No. 2 in the nation behind the City of Chicago.  This center provides library and learning services to all children, whether normal, gifted or disabled.  Proceeds from the Huntington Beach Concours event support a constantly expanding and upgraded book, periodical and resource collection, computers, children’s theater, study labs and specially trained staff to help children.  


“50 -50” DRAWINGTickets are purchased for $1.00 each. The winning tickets receive “50%” of the proceeds from this drawing, and the other “50%” goes to the Children’s Resource Center.

OPPORTUNITY DRAWINGTickets are purchased for 1.00 each.  Ticket Purchasers can pick the “specific” item they want their ticket drawn on.   
All proceeds from this drawing go to the Children’s Resource Center.

Both drawings offer quantity discounts, if purchasing more than 4 tickets.

$5.00 worth of tickets, receive 6 tickets

$10.00 worth of tickets, receive 12 tickets

$20.00 worth of tickets, receive 24 tickets

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