Volunteers Wanted

Volunteers Welcome

volunteers-1The Huntington Beach Concours d’Elegance will be celebrating its 38th anniversary in 2024.  This event exists only through the efforts of many volunteers who have enjoyed taking on all the challenges required to produce one of the finest automobile and motorcycle shows on the west coast.

This spectacular event has evolved and grown over the years requiring more and more volunteers to manage every detail related to producing a successful car show of this magnitude.

The show can only succeed with the coordination of efforts by many volunteers to manage all the information related to encouraging the participation of sponsors, vendors, vehicle owners, spectators, and judges along with dealing with city with licensing and permits and insurance.  On the actual days of the event itself, tasks range from assisting in an information booth to checking in automobiles to keeping the ducks in the lake where they belong and more.

volunteers-2This committee extends an open invitation to those individuals who may wish to participate in keeping this event growing well into the future.  If you would like more information as to how you can assist please call Diana McGrath at 714.960.2100 or Diana.mcgrath@ingrammicro.com

This is a charitable event in which the profits from this show are donated to benefit the Children’s Resource Center at the Huntington Beach Library.

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