50/50 Drawing

Funds raised from the event each year go directly to support the Children’s Resource Center wing at the library.  The Children’s Resource Center is ranked the No. 1 children’s library in the State of California, and ranks No. 2 in the nation behind the City of Chicago.  This center provides library and learning services to all children, whether normal, gifted or disabled.  Proceeds from the Huntington Beach Concours event support a constantly expanding and upgraded book, periodical and resource collection, computers, children’s theater, study labs and specially trained staff to help children.  

“50 -50” DRAWINGTickets are purchased for $1.00 each.  The winning tickets receive “50%” of the proceeds from this drawing, and the other “50%” goes to the Children’s Resource Center.

The drawing offers quantity discounts, if purchasing more than 4 tickets.

$5.00 worth of tickets, receive 6 tickets

$10.00 worth of tickets, receive 12 tickets

$20.00 worth of tickets, receive 24 tickets

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