Judging Rules


Preparation of entries is made by entrants prior to arrival at the Concours.  Final preparations are usually made after arrival at the Concours.


  1. SCHEDULES:  Entries must be in their assigned display positions no later than 8:00 a.m.  Non-placement by that time will result in disqualification.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. PROMOTIONAL ITEMS:  “FOR SALE” signs, previous trophies, and/or news clippings will not be permitted in the display area.
  3. CLEANING:  Last-minute preparation will be allowed on the display site until judging begins.  Once judging begins, (on any car) only a light dusting cloth will be permitted.  ABSOLUTELY NO dusting, etc., while the car is being judged.
  4. ASSEMBLIES:  Each car will be displayed as an assembled unit.  Parts such as convertible tops, doors, deck lids, must be closed..  Bumpers, hubcaps, etc., must be attached to the car in their normal positions, and not alongside the car.  Upon request of the Senior Judge ONLY, the car can then be displayed (opened).  Entrant will be penalized if the above items are not as required.
  5. EXHIBITOR/OWNER:  Must be present during judging.


  1. Concours judging shall be based on the best preparation and maintenance and restoration of the car.
  2. Condition: 100% of the potential points for each item will be assigned to preparation and maintenance (condition of the item).


  1. Three (3) to five (5) judges shall make up each team (Number of judges per team shall be determined the day of the event).
  2. Judging should be based on the quality of workmanship and presentation.
  3. Each judge shall look over each specific category (paint, chrome, interior, etc.) of the car, and consider its good points.  Only one score is put on the scoring sheet for each judging sheet, for each category, and that score is final.
  4. The first judging will produce “Class Winner”, “2nd Place”, “3rd Place”, etc.; as well as high point cars for each specialty category.  ”Best of Show” winner will be chosen by highest total point score over all class winners.
  5. The top car in each specialty category (paint, engine, interior), with the highest overall points will win that particular specialty category.
  6. Judges are encouraged to make notes on their score sheets during initial judging for future reference as to best car and best car in specific categories.
  7. Completed judging sheets are the property of the Huntington Beach Concours d’Elegance, and will NOT be distributed to entrants the day of the event.

Each car will be inspected by a team of qualified judges, approved by the Concours Committee.  Judges, including the Senior Judge, will have had the experience or the equivalent of a judge and/or contestant.

The same team will judge all cars in the same division.  The team will inspect all cars in the same class continuously; that is each car will be judged in its entirety before beginning inspection of other classes in the division.  Lids, caps, and covers may be opened or removed upon request of the Senior Judge, only in the course of inspection, provided no tools are required.  Each judge will judge the entire car.

At the discretion of the Senior Judge any car or part thereof, may be re-inspected and re-judged.

Any interface should be directed to the Senior Judge of the judging team.

Each car has a maximum of 100 points until judged.  Points are subtracted for deficiencies to determine the raw score.  For example, a) missing or unattached items and, b) less than perfect condition.  In the event of a tie, the cars involved will be re-judged by four (4) Senior Judges.

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